Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I use Farm Cycle® versus my own record-keeping system?
We keep your records for you.  No more hassle tracking manure applications, calculating nutrient values for next year’s crop, estimating crop remove, plus more.
We conduct monthly interviews, in person or by phone, to collect information in order to keep up to date and accurate.
We use the raw data that you supply and put it into a useable format.   
I'm not large enough to be a permitted operation, why should I keep detailed records?
Operations that fall below the permit level still need to keep accurate records of field applications to assure they fall under the “Right to Farm” legislation. 
Farm Cycle® provides a solid framework to better manage farm sustainability.  Your information is used to make fertility recommendations and plan nutrient applications more effectively.
Farm Cycle® fulfills the record-keeping requirements for chemical applications.  The chemical report includes all the necessary information required including EPA establishment number, restricted reentry interval, active ingredient, and pest.
I'm concerned with nutrient (phosphorous) buildup. Will the program help manage this problem?
The Farm Cycle® program generates information on nutrient levels on a field-by-field basis as well as on a total farm basis.  We can identify sources of buildup from feed and commodity purchases that may be adding to the total farm balance.  This process allows you to identify and manage nutrients for better long term sustainability.
As a permit holder, I need to keep weather data. Does this system do that?
Yes.  We have the ability to log weather data into an organized table that will be available upon request should it need to be accessed.  When a user logs into the system, you just click on the weather link to get a 24-hour forecast.  Then hit save to get a time stamped weather log for spreading purposes.
What kind of reports do you provide?
Our field application reports include: Manure, Fertilizer, Chemical Application, as well as field summary reports with crop removal.  Our total farm reports include: Feed purchases, crop & manure exports, animal changes, and a farm mass balance report.
How do I get my reports?
With an internet connection it is as simple as logging into your account and selecting which report you would like to view and print.  The program administrator can also print reports as needed which are available anytime upon request.
What kind of format does my information need to be in?
We can work with different types of information from hand ledger sheets to electronic data.  We provide all the forms, spreader booklets, etc. for your raw data.  Once data is compiled we can provide the corresponding reports for better nutrient management.
Is Farm Cycle® a nutrient management plan?
No.  Much of the information gathered by the program is used for compliance with the Right to Farm Act, the NDPES Permit, & MAEAP Certification.  Updating a nutrient management plan is much easier with the Farm Cycle® record keeping system.
Let Farm Cycle® take the hassle out of nutrient record keeping.
Contact your Farm Cycle® consultant at 989-584-3466