Spreading simplified

Farm nutrient accounting for those that like as little mess as possible

Manure recordkeeping

Key features

Field-by-field nutrient balance

Whole-farm NPK accounting that gives a field-by-field look at live nutrient balances

Manure records compliance

Stay up-to-date with regulations using comprehensive reports and daily logs

No-spread and tile check alerts

Weather and tile notifications for large rain events

Make your life easier managing nutrient records

Easy-to-use tools for simpler, more accurate nutrient records

Accessible everywhere

Record and review from any phone, tablet, or desktop.

Offline capable

No need for a robust data connection.

Built for speed

Designed for busy producers that just want it done

Data privacy

Enterprise-level backend security

Comprehensive reports for instant compliance with CAFO & DEQ requirements

Track and document manure applications, exports, pesticide use, fertilizer applications, crop yields, and other required permit information.

Download sample report
sample report

Get setup quick & easy with automatic test and field import

FarmCycle is designed for the producer or consultant to manage their own records remotely.

cows feeding

Easy setup

Built around the perpetually busy producer, FarmCycle makes importing data a walk in the parlor.

truck driver

Start recording today

FarmCycle works out of the box with only a single field and manure source.

report screenshot

Build reports

Field-by-field summaries, soil nutrient balances, and all other data can be exported quickly.

Creating an application

Manure compliance in just seconds

Streamlined manure application records with a focus on ease-of-use and in-field accessiblity

Report screenshot

Neucadia, LLC

Neucadia is a software development company with over 10 years of on-farm experience handling manure and manure records for livestock producers both large and small


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